Budgeting 101: Part 3. How do you Budget When You Have Student Loans?

Parts 1 and 2 of this series talked about budgeting ideas that are applicable to everyone.  Figure out where the money went and decide where it should go.  But having large amounts of student loan debt throws a wrench in the works.  Read on to see some quick, simple tips for budgeting when you have student loans.

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Budgeting 101: Part 2. Where should the money go?

pigYou looked at Part 1 and you wrote down where your money went for the last 30 days.  Next step is simple: figure out where it should have gone. Figuring out where your money should go is the key step that most people miss when they are trying to pay down debt or start savings. Keep reading to figure out how to figure out this missing piece the budgeting puzzle!

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Budgeting 101: Part 1. How to Use 4 Highlighters to Fix Your Budget


“You should make a budget.”

If you’re like me, you’ve heard this dozens of times.  And each time, it has elicited eye rolls, anxiety attacks, and just plain frustration.  Sure, making a budget seems like a really simple exercise.  But, for some reason of human psychology, it is always hardest to make a budget at the very moment that you most need to: when you’re facing a financial hurdle. In this series of posts, I’m going to give you some basic strategies that will make budgeting easier and way less scary. Continue reading