Meet Me and My Debt

1Last post, I wanted to discuss the “big picture” of my generation and our student loan debts. But that will not be the main focus of this blog. The main focus of this blog is going to be on my journey to repay my student loans, and I will also touch on my husband’s journey to repay his. Click through to see who we are, what we do, and just how much I owe.

Meet my husband and I

We met in high school. We dated for a few months in freshman year, but I broke up with him (oops). High school girls are a mess, what can I say? But we got back together in our junior year, and we have been together ever since.

We went to rival colleges, and we made it through 4 years of long distance love.

We both decided on law school. We once again ended up in different schools. I ended up at a Top 14 law school in the mid-Atlantic. He ended up in a Top 50 school in the same region.

We graduated in May 2015, studied for the bar the summer of 2015, got married in September 2015, and then moved to DC in the fall of 2015. I started my big law job in October. He had a job hunt ahead of him, but after finding out that he passed the bar, he landed a job with a small general practice firm in the suburbs of DC. I practice insurance law, and he does family law, immigration law, and some criminal law.

Meet my student loan debt

As of today, I owe $223,331.72.  This number comes from both undergrad loans and law school loans.  Let’s break that big bad number down:

Loan Type Interest Rate Balance on 3/17/16
SoFi Refinanced Loans 4.375% $25,826.17
Federal Unsub Stafford 5.96% $21,437.03
Federal Plus Loan 6.96% $54,537.61
Federal Unsub Stafford 5.16% $22,334.31
Federal Plus Loan 6.16% $53,876.32
Federal Unsub Stafford 6.55% $24,326.94
Federal Sub Stafford 3.15% $5,384.84
Federal Sub Stafford 4.25% $5,393.17
Federal Stafford 5.35% $4,413.69
Undergrad university loan 5.00% $5,801.64
TOTAL $223,331.72

Yup.  Ouch.

Though, believe it or not, I have already made a small dent in my loan balance.


I will be keeping this chart updated monthly here as I work my way to $0.  I’ll also be doing a monthly “Debt Check In” post to tell you about how much I was able to contribute to my loans that month, where I’ll give you this table again with different numbers so you can see exactly what loans got extra attention.

So as you can see, this blog will be a multi-year project as I work to pay this debt down.  Along the way, I want to talk about everything from budgets to savings to retirement accounts to frugal grocery shopping.

But here is the big goal: I want all of that debt wiped clean by 2020.  Let’s do this.



2 thoughts on “Meet Me and My Debt

  1. Lloyd Phillips says:

    Wow, some of those statistics are shocking. With houses prices and rent shooting up (in New Zealand) it’s hard to understand how any child will be able to leave the family home in addition to student debt.

    I’ll be following along for sure, you’re in a similar sized hole as I am. Let’s do this!


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